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About company LUZAR

The company LUZAR since 2003 is engaged in manufacturing and realizing of radiators and other cooling system components for different cars and light trucks as produced domestically as imported.

Commencement of business 2003-2004

The company LUZAR (Lugansk automotive radiator plant) is a russian leader in produktion and sale of radiators for domestic cars.

The products LUZAR are well-known in Russia since 2003, since the realization of the first own-produced radiator. The output of radiators has been adjusted on high-tech equipment of the firm SCHOLER (Germany) using a proprietary process «Sofico» for purposes of rapidly evolving automobile plant «AvtoZAZ». The possibility of extensive production of radiators allows both the output the production for secondary market in Russia. The methodical work with mass-market customers has led to sustainable positive image of brand LUZAR at markets in Russia and CIS countries.

Development of «cooling system»  2004-2005

While on the development the company LUZAR has started mastering the other cooling system details. Due to collaborative work with experts of St. Petersburg State Polytechnic Instute we can use the experience accumulated during those long years in the field of automotive technic. As a result of research and tests the spicemen of water-pumps, thermostats, heater control valves have been created, having become prototypes of details for cars VAZ produced in lots.

It is possible to improve the cooling system just by improving every detail. The creation of the professional cooling system LUZAR toched on all the details of the engine cooling system. Each system element outperforms the existing analogs at the market and has an extented life (life cycle). Equally important, the use of the modern high-tech equipment has made it possible to reduce the costs of produced details.

The specialty in the field of cooling systems allows us to produce professional details for one of the most important automobile systems on which an uninterrupted engine operation depends.

Developement of new markets  2006-2008

The growing need in radiators for imported production cars led us to necessity for produktion the radiators for “Korean” cars as well. The insertion of three new models made the start in 2006: 

  • Cooling radiator ChevroletDaewoo Lanos A/C (with A/C)
  • Cooling radiator ChevroletDaewoo Lanos (without A/C)
  • Cooling radiator Daewoo Nexia 1.5i 16V

and also one model of air-conditioning radiator:

  • Air-conditioning radiator (condenser) ChevroletDaewoo Lanos

These radiators have been inserted for deliveries to automobile plants “AvtoZAZ-Daewoo” in the Ukraine and “Uz-Daewoo” in Uzbekistan, and were in demand by customers at the second market. The produktion and realization of the radiators for cars “Lanos” and “Nexia” at the second market became commercially a successful project, that led us to appreciate more precisely prospects for a work in this segment.

Output the radiators for Korean cars  2008-2009

Over period of three years of work in the segment of details for “Korean” cars we formed the understanding of the pattern of demand for radiators for foreign cars. In 2008 the development of four new types of cooling cores started, which allowed us to start the production of above 25 new models of cooling radiators for Korean cars Daewoo, ZAZ- Daewoo, Chevrolet, Kia, Hyundai. The pointed radiators were “radiators stage I».

The output of radiators for ”people`s” foreign cars 2010

In 2010 the plans for insertion of the radiators “radiators stage II” and “radiators stage III” were fulfilled – the production programme was extended by the 31st cooling radiator, by 7 heating radiators. The produktion of four models of water pums and of 3 models of blowers. In 2010 a significant page in activity of the company LUZAR was opened – we started the output of the radiators for the most popular foreign cars in Russia Renault Logan and Ford Focus (I и II), which have been represented to customers in June and December 2010.

Local content in manufacturing and active deliveries to autovobile plants 2011

The company LUZAR carried out the important task – the organisation has been completed and the work of the new plattform for radiator production in Saint Petersburg started. The new plant produces the finished products even in Mai 2011; formal opening ceremony was coincided with the start of the third production line and took place in October.  The opening of the produktion in Saint Petersburg pursued two aims – to satisfy the increased demand for the radiator production by customers at the “secondary” market and to increase deliveries to the “primary” market (automobile plants).  The development of production plans in this direction will allow the company LUZAR by 2015 to establish itself as a leader in realization of radiators in Russia.

Local content in manufacturing and active deliveries to autovobile plants  2012

In 2012 the company LUZAR completed engeneering and design tasks and started the industrial production of the air-conditioning radiators (condensers). At year-end 2012 in the lineup of the company the condensers as for domestic as for imported cars were represented – over 20 titles. The range of products is continuing to expand.

The output of “truck” radiators and radiators for Japanese cars and Opel  2013

The significant production phase of the company LUZAR was opened – the design phase completed and the industrial production of the truck radiators for cars GАЗ 3307, GАЗ 53, GАЗ 66, PАЗ 3205 and КАМАZ 5320, КАМАZ 54115, КАМАZ 6520 started. For the first time the output of aftercoolers (intercooler radiators) was adjusted.  In production plans 2013 – the insertion of the radiators for popular Japanese cars Toyota (Corolla, Camry, Avensis, Carine E, RAV 4, Land Cruiser 100, Lexus RX330), Nissan (Almera, Almera Classic, Primera, Micra/Note, Tiida, X-Trail, Teana).  The range of radiators for auto cars General Motors – particularly for auto cars Opel (Antara, Astra G, Astra H, Astra J, Vectra B, Vectra C).

Vast experience in production of different types of radiators guarantees high quality of products LUZAR.


Trademark LUZAR® and the enterprise with the equal name was formed in March 2003 for promotion of aluminium radiator products of Ukraine State Unitary Enterprise "Lugansk aircraft overhaul plant" and for the purpose of insertion of a detail groupe of "car cooling system".

Brand name LUZAR® one can decypher as "Lugansk automotive radiator plant".

The logotype was called to empody the following: sign "cold weather" — chopped parts, sign over the inscription LUZAR — cold ice, silver-blue colour.

The rights over a trademark LUZAR are protected by "Certificate of trademark (service mark)" №277421 with priority dated 10 September 2003.